Welcome to Et Al Therapy and Learning Centre Somerset West

The Et Al Therapy and Learning Centre in Somerset West was founded in 2004 by an occupational therapist, psychologist, remedial teacher and speech therapist, with the aim to provide high quality therapeutic services to families with an inter-disciplinary approach at affordable rates. These services include individual and group therapies, counselling, school visits, support groups, training of parents, teachers and significant others.

Since then, the ADHD support group, Senecio as well as Vergezicht private school came to their existence at Et Al Therapy Centre Somerset West. All of these are now organizations functioning independently within the Helderberg area. Our team at Et Al Therapy and Learning Centre  has expanded to a group of 12 therapists, who presently form a multi-disciplinary team to support parents, teachers, schools and the child as a whole.

Our services include: