Surviving Tough Times by Building Resistance

Everybody experiences times of sadness, anxiety and distress in their lives, but some people appear to cope better than others.  One of the factors determining how well you cope with life’s adversities, is the strength of your resilience  (your ability to adjust to and cope with negative circumstances). 

Lawrence Robinson and Melinda Smith have recently written an article with advice on how to strengthen resilience in ourselves.  Their tips are helpful regardless of age, background or circumstances.   Through practicing acceptance, reaching out to others, investing in self-care, finding meaning and purpose and remaining motivated, we can learn how to face hardships with more confidence, believing that we will cope until we reach brighter days again.  

In the midst of a pandemic, economic distress and lockdown regulations, stress and negativity is the order of the day.  Thank you to the authors of this article for the valuable advice on how to boost our resilience and consequently improve our mental health.

How to strengthen Parent-child relationship

After the last couple of months of stress and uncertainty, we wanted to share this blog post about how to reset and how to rebuild parent-child relationships. Our children are struggling and do not understand everything that is happening which is why we want to place focus on building and maintaining strong relationships within the family unit.

Corona virus activities

We found a lovely activity pack created by Long Creations that will keep the kids busy, help them to understand and process the world we are experiencing at the moment. It might even spark some conversation at the family dinner table.

2020 Covid-19 time capsule sheets.pdf

If you want to see what else Long Creations has to offer, here are some links: