18 Effective De-Escalation Strategies for Diffusing Meltdowns

At Et Al we often need to explain that when a child has Sensory Integration difficulties their perceived tantrums are in actual fact meltdowns and that they are not trying to be “naughty” or wanting to “manipulate” you. In this blog Nicole Day the founder of Raising an Extraordinary Person shares some strategies on how to de-escalate these meltdowns. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions on this topic or if anything is not clear.



Et-Al team

Sensory Integration Workshop 8 September

Tactile Defensiveness:
“The seams of jeans felt like
needles driving into my skin,
up and down my leg.
The weight was
unnatural, too.”

SI Workshop will focus on:

  • What is Sensory Integration?
  • What is the cause?
  • Why does it matter in class?
  • Strategies to use in the classroom

Date:                     Friday, 8 September 2017

Venue:                   Et Al Therapy and Learning Centre, 7 Stellendal Rd, Somerset – West

R.S.V.P:                Friday, 1 September 2017

Please send completed application form and proof of payment to: maretraining@gmail.com on/before 1 September 2017

Cost:                     R100 per person

Time:                    13:30-15:00

Presenters:           Nicola van Zyl and Megan Sundgren ( Occupational Therapists)


Who will benefit: Teachers, parents and caregivers of children aged 6 to 10 yrs


Please fill in the application form: Application Form


Here is a useful tool to use and will be discussed during the workshop:100-sensory-strategies-for-the-classroom


Gross Motor Workshop 4 August 2017

Workshop at Et Al Therapy Centre:

Gross Motor Development (Pre-school child)

Will focus on:

 – Normal gross motor development (age 4-7) and the importance of optimum development

–  Posture and postural control 

– Low muscle tone, sensory integration, bilateral integration, motor planning and effect on gross motor development

– Classroom activities to improve postural control and gross motor development

– The playground, extra murals and home advice to parents

 Who will benefit:

Teachers, parents and caregivers


DATE:             Friday, 4 August 2017

TIME:            13:30-15:00

R.S.V.P:          Friday, 28 July 2017

Cost:               R100 pp (Limited to 30 attendees)

Venue:             Et Al Therapy Centre, 7 Stellendal Rd, Somerset- West


Presenters:       Stefanie Halford (Physio Therapist)


Bronwyn Lindsay (Occupational Therapist)


Please send Proof of Payment and Application Form to: maretraining@gmail.com on/ before Friday 28 July 2017.



Feedback from previous workshops:

  • “Thank you for all the useful and practical tips.” (Grade 1 Teacher)
  • “I come to all of your workshops and find it really useful and interesting” (Grade 1 Teacher)
  • “ Thank you for all the effort you put into your workshops – we appreciate it so much” (Principal of pre-primary school)
  • “Please send me all your workshop dates – want to attend them all!” (Training manager of care centre)


3 March 2017: Practical Workshop on Fine motor skills

Presenter: Megan Sundgren (Occupational Therapist)

Fine motor skills in the class room

Fine motor skills in the class room

Practical workshop on fine motor skills: 3 March 2017

Dear teachers/ parents

We will be presenting the follow- up workshop on Fine Motor Skills on 3 March 2017. This workshop will not give the theory on fine motor skills, as this was done during our workshop in September 2016. It will only revise the theory and focus more on practical sessions with regards to activities discussed at our previous workshop.

Teachers and parents can attend this practical, even if they missed the theoretical workshop but are reminded that we won’t be covering the theory in detail this time.

Please find the invitation and RSVP form on the attached documents for our practical workshop that will be held on Friday, 3 March 2017 at HAPPY DAYS PRE PRIMARY.


PLEASE NOTE:  Due to limited space, there are only 48 spaces and booking will only be confirmed once payment has been received on/ before 24 Feb. 2017.

Please fill in the application form and ensure payment is made on/ before 24 Feb. 2017.

Cost: R150 per person

Venue: Happy Days Pre Primary, Reservoir Road, Somerset West

We are looking forward to doing some awesome fine motor activities with you on 3 March!


Open in a new link:

Application Form

For more information and details about workshop:

Invitation Practical FM workshop


ADHD and SI Workshop: 21 October 2016


ADHD& SI workshop on 21 October 2016

Thank you to all the teachers who attended Friday’s workshop.


Please follow these links for useful handouts:


Tips for the classroom:


10 TIPS for living better with ADHD:



Strengths of having ADHD:

Celebrate the Strengths of ADHD!

Healthy eating options:


Diet {Outlined}

What is Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)



Our next workshop PRACTICAL FINE MOTOR WORKSHOP will be in January 2017

Watch this space for the date and venue






Save the Date: Fine Motor Practical for teachers

Fine motor skills in the class room

Fine motor skills in the class room


Save the Date: Fine Motor Practical Workshop for Teachers


As a follow up of our Fine Motor Skills workshop that took place on 9 September 2016 we will be having a practical session during Term 1 of 2017.


Venue: to be confirmed

For enquiries please contact: Maré Smit at maretraining@gmail.com