Fun and Affordable Hobbies for Children

Parent 24 has shared some lovely ideas regarding fun activities to entice little bodies to be creatively busy.  So much time is spent cooped up at home, due to lockdown and Covid safety measures, it is important to still encourage stimulating activities.  Fine and gross motor skills are practised in a fun manner and the whole family can take part in some of the hobbies.  From gardening to dancing to baking, children can learn new skills, while at the same time spend priceless time with mom, dad or siblings.  

What makes this article especially interesting is the fact that videos are attached, demonstrating and explaining origami, gardening, hip hop dancing, magic tricks, as well as yoga for kids.

How to strengthen Parent-child relationship

After the last couple of months of stress and uncertainty, we wanted to share this blog post about how to reset and how to rebuild parent-child relationships. Our children are struggling and do not understand everything that is happening which is why we want to place focus on building and maintaining strong relationships within the family unit.

Corona virus activities

We found a lovely activity pack created by Long Creations that will keep the kids busy, help them to understand and process the world we are experiencing at the moment. It might even spark some conversation at the family dinner table.

2020 Covid-19 time capsule sheets.pdf

If you want to see what else Long Creations has to offer, here are some links:

What to do (and not to do) when children are anxious

Dr Clark Goldstein, as part of the Child Mind Institute, gives valuable tips in this article explaining how to respect an anxious child’s feelings, without empowering the fears.  The goal is to help children escape the cycle of anxiety, rather than trying to protect the child from the fears.  Instead of trying to remove the stressors, the child should rather be taught how to tolerate his/ her anxiety and still function despite being anxious.   In the long term, children are thus better able to cope with daily life stressors.

Further information on the basics of child anxiety, and what the symptoms are, can be read at  , also published online by the Child Mind Institute.  This guide will help parents to distinguish between normal anxiety and the types of anxiety where professional help is needed to optimally support the child.  

The Child Mind Institute is an independent non-profit organisation in the United States, that shares its resources freely, to help children and families struggling with mental health and learning problems.


18 Effective De-Escalation Strategies for Diffusing Meltdowns

At Et Al we often need to explain that when a child has Sensory Integration difficulties their perceived tantrums are in actual fact meltdowns and that they are not trying to be “naughty” or wanting to “manipulate” you. In this blog Nicole Day the founder of Raising an Extraordinary Person shares some strategies on how to de-escalate these meltdowns. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions on this topic or if anything is not clear.


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