Christmas from an ADHD perspective

The Christmas season has a different effect on different people.  For some it is a time to celebrate love and friendship and for others Christmas is a time of great cheer and excitement. Some people, on the other hand, feel extremely lonely and sad during the festive season, because they do not have the luxury of family and close friends.

Family and friends, however, do not guarantee a happy Christmas.  If you happen to have somebody with ADHD in your inner circle, it is important to realise how they perceive the festivities and how very different the experience is for them.

The attached article describes the hidden pitfalls during the Christmas season, that can upset the person with ADHD, leading to emotional and behaviour responses.  Some handy tips are shared, though, that can help keep the family on an even keel.

Thank you very much to Lisa Aro, and the Everyday Health website: