Remedial Teaching

Remedial Teaching at Et Al Therapy and Learning Centre, Somerset West

1. About Remedial teaching

Remedial means “to rectify, improve or remedy something.” Therefore remedial teaching is when a learner receives help that is tailored to his specific needs.

2. The role of our profession:
The role of a remedial teacher is to assist a learner by working through certain academic areas that they might be struggling with. The focus is on core academic skills such as literacy and numeracy as well as perceptual, social, emotional and fine-motor skills.

3. When is therapy needed/ what diagnoses can benefit from your profession:
A learner who struggles in certain academic areas will benefit from remedial teaching. This includes numeracy, literacy, reading and writing. Even a learner who has more of an emotional difficulty, e.g. self-confidence will benefit since his program will focus on developing and encouraging his confidence with regards to a specific area.

4. When should therapy/ intervention begin (if applicable)
As soon as possible after the realisation that help is needed. The sooner you can start to remediate the specific areas, the better for the learner.

5. Who refers to our profession?
Medical Teams: Occupational Therapists, Speech therapists, Educational psychologists, Play
Educational Teams: Teachers and other remedial teachers
Family: Parents, Guardians and spouses.
If any of the above feel that they want remedial help for their child,
they can contact a remedial teacher directly.