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1. What is Speech and Language Therapy OT/ ST/ Play therapy/ Solisten etc.

Speech and Language Therapists are interested in the development of communication skills. This involves development of three specific areas namely: language (spoken and written language), speech (articulation) and listening skills (auditory processing). Speech Therapists also support children with feeding and swallowing difficulties, especially when these difficulties might have an influence on later speech development.


“In the very young population (<3 years) language development most approximates cognition” (Dr. Kirsty Donald, Red Cross Children’s Hospital)

speech therapy Somerset West

2. What is the role of your profession:
The role of the Speech Therapist is to identify and diagnose a delay or disorder in the areas of speech, language and/or listening and plan an individualised therapeutic approach.

Therapy could include individual or group sessions either in the clinic setting or at school. It may include parental guidance, teacher and classroom support and counseling. Therapy approaches can include a number of specialised therapeutic approaches including:
• Makaton
• Tiny Handz
• Talk Tools

speech therapy Somerset West etal therapy and learning centre

3. When is therapy needed/ what diagnoses can benefit from your profession:

Articulation or phonological disorder
Language Delay
Language Disorder
Late Talkers
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Down’s Syndrome
Children with Hearing Impairment
Cerebral Palsy
Cleft lip/palate
Voice disorders

4. When should therapy/ intervention begin (if applicable)

speech therapy Somerset West

Early intervention is recommended. Children should be assessed as soon as parents are aware of a diagnosis or become aware of a delay in their child’s development.

5. Who refers to your profession?
Medical Specialists:

Medical Teams:
Occupational Therapists
Educational Teams:
Teachers / Remedial Teachers
Educational Psychologists
Special Care Centres
Parents / Guardians

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