What to do (and not to do) when children are anxious

Dr Clark Goldstein, as part of the Child Mind Institute, gives valuable tips in this article explaining how to respect an anxious child’s feelings, without empowering the fears.  The goal is to help children escape the cycle of anxiety, rather than trying to protect the child from the fears.  Instead of trying to remove the stressors, the child should rather be taught how to tolerate his/ her anxiety and still function despite being anxious.   In the long term, children are thus better able to cope with daily life stressors.

Further information on the basics of child anxiety, and what the symptoms are, can be read at   https://childmind.org/guide/anxiety-basics/  , also published online by the Child Mind Institute.  This guide will help parents to distinguish between normal anxiety and the types of anxiety where professional help is needed to optimally support the child.  

The Child Mind Institute is an independent non-profit organisation in the United States, that shares its resources freely, to help children and families struggling with mental health and learning problems.